Mindful Humans

Ginette Gagnon
M. Sc.

Executive Coach and Founder

Executive coach, trainer, author and entrepreneur with a passion for mindfulness and leadership.

Ginette Gagnon is a seasoned manager, executive coach and author dedicated to transforming leaders and teams to become more effective, caring and inspiring. With a thriving executive coaching practice, she offers her services to both individuals and teams.

Leadership and neuroscience

Approaching her own challenges and experiences with authenticity, Ginette is passionate about the practices of mindfulness, neuroscience, leadership and tai chi. She shares inspiring experiences, proven tools and best practices to help individuals and organizations reach their full potential.

From actuary to leader to coach

With many years’ experience as a leader of large teams and as a coach, Ginette draws on scientific research to offer unique and innovative training programs. She has held senior executive positions at CGI, AIMIA and Aeroplan, and created an online leadership program, workshops and masterclasses for Otéra Capital, a subsidiary of the Caisse de dépôts et de placements du Québec, which is also used by other organizations.

From mathematics to mindfulness

A graduate in Actuarial Mathematics, Ginette also holds a Master’s degree in Management from HEC Montréal. 

She is certified in executive coaching, team performance coaching, and recently completed a certificate in Foundations of Applied Mindfulness Meditation from the University of Toronto, where she is pursuing an additional certificate in Applied Specialization in Mindfulness Meditation. She also practices the Yang style of tai chi chuan and is currently training in this discipline. 


Author of the business book “Mindful Influence”, Ginette explores how human beings think and offers a model for inspiring confidence and cultivating one’s capacity for influence. She writes regularly for specialized blogs such as Revue Gestion, and shares personal and emotional reflections on her blog Mindful Humans.

Entrepreneurship and management

Committed to entrepreneurship, Ginette has been a member of Anges Québec and currently sits on a board of directors. Her expertise covers a wide range of fields, including project management, organizational transformation, operational efficiency and performance management.

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Discover my book, the starting point of the Mindful Humans journey.

Mindful influence relies on impartial observation in the present moment of the two ways human beings think, namely reason and intuition. It involves self-observation as well as observation of others.”

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