Do you want to improve your capacity to make strategic decisions?

Are you facing complex challenges?

Do you wish to develop a clear and inspiring targets for your team?

Do you want to master the art of strategic communication to positively influence those around you?

The development of deep and strategic thinking is the foundation upon which our coaching approach is built.

We believe that cultivating this ability is essential for successfully navigating a complex and constantly evolving environment.

Our approach incorporates years of hands-on experience as a leader of large teams and as a member of an executive committee, followed by work as an executive coach. It is also supported by advances in neuroscience and ongoing, extensive training in coaching, neuroscience, and mindfulness.

Together, we will develop the essential skills to excel in your role as a leader and create a lasting impact.

Our participants are ambitious visionaries at a crossroads, where sharp intelligence, vibrant ambition, and the best intentions meet complex challenges and high expectations.

Whether it’s stepping into a leadership role, facing new challenges, expanding your horizons, or defining a distinctive leadership style, we understand the complex dynamics in which you operate.

Together, we don’t just meet expectations; we aim to redefine norms and establish new standards of excellence in every field.


Feel free to contact me to get acquainted and explore your goals, and to answer any questions you may have.

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Ginette Gagnon, M. Sc.
Executive Coach and Founder

Discover the passionate explorer behind Mindful Humans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Executive coaching is a personalized support aimed at enhancing leadership skills and achieving specific professional goals.

The duration of a coaching program varies based on the client’s needs and goals, but a typical program lasts 6 months.

The involvement of the supervisor varies depending on the mandate. In some organizations, the supervisor is not involved, but most often, the supervisor is invited to attend three meetings outside of the coaching sessions. These meetings necessarily include your participation:

  1. Kick-off meeting: Allows the supervisor to express the goals of the coaching program.
  2. Mid-term meeting: Gives the supervisor the opportunity to express the observed changes.
  3. End-of-term meeting: Invites the supervisor to discuss the progress made and the next steps.


The coach facilitates the discussions but does not share the content of the coaching sessions, which is essential to maintain a safe space between you and the coach.

The duration of a coaching program varies depending on the client’s needs and goals, but a typical program lasts 6 months.