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Realize your potential and that of your team: explore knowledge that is both innovative and fundamental, and discover how to transform it into practical skills and attitudes.

Turning theory into action, and action into habit: this is the essence of true leadership growth.

Our mission is twofold:

You have exceptional potential.

And we can help you activate it.

Beyond teaching in-depth knowledge of leadership and concrete practices, we focus on imparting key skills to take action and develop effective new habits.

Our approach is based on recent advances in neuroscience, recognizing that behind every action lie thoughts and emotions generated by our brain.

This deeper understanding of thought processes allows us to appreciate not only the richness and validity of new methods but also to create more effective and sustainable habits.

Our role is to guide leaders in overcoming both external obstacles and personal challenges in implementing the new skills proposed. We help them overcome mental barriers such as ‘I don’t have time’, ‘I’m too stressed’, or ‘This is how I’ve always done it’, and overcome doubts and negative emotions that hinder their progress.

We guide our participants in transforming remarkable knowledge into meaningful actions, and these actions into habits to strengthen conscious and effective leadership.

Mindful Humans

Our workshops and lectures

We offer workshops and lectures that immerse you in a fascinating universe at the intersection of leadership, neuroscience, and mindfulness.

We meticulously tailor each program to ensure relevance and impact. Recognizing the uniqueness of each individual and organization, we customize our conferences and workshops to create an experience that is both deeply personal and transformative.


Discover our keynote presentations, where we explore the most innovative and fascinating facets of mindful and thoughtful leadership.

Each presentation is designed to offer you enriching perspectives and practical strategies, suited to the challenges and opportunities of the professional world.

Dive into these unique learning experiences, thoughtfully created to awaken, inspire, and transform.

*Adapted from the book Mindful Influence: Inspire Beyond Words by Ginette Gagnon, available on Amazon.


Also Popular

The following trainings cover a wide range of leadership skills.


Every topic in our leadership program is offered in the form of a workshop in addition to being available online.

In the workshops, you have the choice between two educational approaches:

  • Traditional Training: A dynamic mix of theory and practice, traditional training is interactive, enriching, and focused on the concrete application of concepts.
  • Online Training Followed by a Workshop: With the online training completed beforehand, this highly interactive workshop focuses on the participants' questions and the practical application in your professional context.
From the Impact & Influence collection

The trainings in this collection are relevant for everyone, regardless of the nature of your work.

  • How to think strategically
  • How to improve your communications
  • How to overcome difficult conversations
  • How to inspire trust
  • How to influence beyond words
  • How to manage priorties and plan
  • How to make better decisions together
  • How to hold efficient meetings
From the Management collection

The trainings in this collection are designed for managers and team leaders.

  • How to delegate
  • How to foster high-performing teams
  • Succeed in your strategic planning
  • How to manage change
  • Discover the multiple roles of a manager
  • How to integrate new employees
  • How to motivate others at work
  • How to develop talents

Ready to surpass yourselves?

Download our brochure detailing the workshops and presentations we offer for businesses.

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Ready to surpass yourselves?

Download our brochure detailing the workshops and presentations we offer for businesses.

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From our participants.

  • A relevant topic for our work and a dynamic and experienced instructor.
  • I would have taken a longer presentation, it was that interesting!
  • Ginette is very experienced and credible on the subject.
  • An excellent presentation. Ginette is really very interesting! I hope she can come back to give us more presentations!
  • Ginette is a good guide for setting our clocks straight.
  • I would have liked to add 30 minutes to this very interesting meeting! I would have continued to listen because it was so interesting!
  • This presentation is very interesting. The speaker is very energetic!
  • I really appreciated all the elements that Ginette presented. The concrete examples that supported the theoretical elements and the generosity in the exchanges at the end of her presentation.
  • I found the speaker to be excellent! Nothing better than a person who inspires confidence to talk to us about the subject!!!
  • Congratulations and thank you to the speaker for her very professional presentation.
  • Excellent presentation, hard to name just a few elements, the whole was super interesting. 10/10! I am confident that this webinar will help me in the future!
  • User J'ai aimé la profondeur de sa connaissance, l'approche académique de sa présentation (pas du style conférence pour une fois ;)!
  • Ginette inspires confidence in me. Inspiring training! Thank you!
  • A big thank you to Ginette. Great presentation, well explained!
  • Very interesting presentation with exercises allowing for a dynamic presentation and good supporting anecdotes, thank you!

Dare to think remarkably. the extraordinary. to be exceptional. to realize one's full potential. to live intensely.

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Ginette Gagnon, M. Sc.

Meet the passionate explorer behind Mindful Humans.

Ginette is a recognized executive coach, trainer and author in leadership and mindfulness. With many years’ experience as a leader of large-scale teams and as a coach, she is dedicated to transforming leaders and teams to become more effective, intentional and inspiring.

Ginette is also author of the book Mindful Influence: Inspire Beyond Words and founder of the online leadership program, workshops and masterclasses used by companies such as Otéra Capital, a subsidiary of the Caisse de dépôts et de placements du Québec. With a degree in actuarial mathematics and a Master’s in Management from HEC Montréal, she is certified in executive coaching and mindfulness.

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