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How to foster high-performing teams

This training course addresses the crucial importance of collaboration in achieving complex tasks. Gathering talent does not automatically guarantee high performance. This training course provides you with strategies for optimizing your team’s potential and bringing it to a high level of performance. After all, success is not achieved by working alone, but by working as a cohesive, effective team.

Training objectives

This course focuses on creating and maintaining a high-performance team, emphasizing the crucial role of leadership at all levels. It encourages a strategic and thoughtful approach to team leadership.


Learn the key parameters for building a high-performance team, taking into account the diversity of talents and skills.


Define and assert your leadership identity to inspire, motivate and guide your team effectively.


Understand and respond to the specific imperatives of a team of leaders, in order to foster collaboration, innovation and performance.


Recognize the importance of team leadership for group success, and develop strategies to strengthen it.


Identify and navigate the peculiarities of a management team, in order to maximize its potential and contribution to the organization.

Training content

Total duration about 1h30
  1. Form a team.
  2. The identity of the leader.
  3. The imperatives of a leadership team.
  4. The supremacy of team leadership.
  5. The particularities of a management team
  6. Points to remember


Greater flexibility
Each course is available in 3 formats: a video to watch, the audio track to download, or complete course notes. So you can adopt the learning mode that best suits your preferences.

Online training allows you to choose the most convenient time for you to acquire new knowledge.

What’s more, you’ll benefit from automatic updates and be able to consult content as often as you like.


This course is specifically designed for managers and team leaders.

It is designed to equip you with the tools you need to make a difference and exert a positive influence in your professional and personal environment.

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