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How to integrate new employees

Effective integration of new employees is crucial to their success and that of the organization. This training course highlights the essential role of the manager in this process, often attributed solely to human resources. This course offers you strategies for successful social integration, guaranteeing lasting benefits for both employee and employer.

Training objectives

This training course is designed to prepare managers and team leaders to effectively integrate new employees. Whether it’s in-person or virtual onboarding, or reintegrating employees when they return to work, this training provides knowledge and strategies for creating onboarding experiences that promote employee retention, satisfaction and success.


Understand the importance of properly integrating new employees and the significant impact this can have on employee retention and satisfaction.


Know the key components of the integration process, including the three dimensions and the key players involved in a successful integration program.


Master the three stages of the integration process, to ensure a smooth and efficient transition for new employees.


Learn the secrets of successful virtual integration, by adapting integration best practices to the context of remote working.


Acquire skills to effectively reintegrate employees when they return to work, to maintain commitment and productivity.

Training content

Total duration approx. 1 hour
  1. Introduction to training.
  2. The importance of properly integrating new employees.
  3. Components of the integration process: the 3 dimensions and key players.
  4. The 3 stages of the integration process.
  5. The secrets of virtual integration.
  6. Reintegrate your employees when they return to work.
  7. Summary


Great flexibility
Each course is available in 3 formats: a video to watch, the audio track to download, or complete course notes. So you can adopt the learning mode that best suits your preferences.

Online training allows you to choose the most convenient time for you to acquire new knowledge.

What’s more, you’ll benefit from automatic updates and be able to consult content as often as you like.


This course is specifically designed for managers and team leaders.

It is designed to equip you with the tools you need to make a difference and exert a positive influence in your professional and personal environment.

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